Lesson Two


Memory Verse: Proverbs 29:18
Further Study: Isaiah 14:12-15; Ezekiel 28:2-19; PP 35-43; SR 13-19

At one point in my life, I was fortunate to be a part of a small group of mission-focused people. We worked on projects together and the time shared was friendly and enjoyable. The focus was on the projects, but we enjoyed the typical banter among friends while we worked. Then one day it stopped. I noticed, but assumed people were busy.

Weeks later it came to my attention that someone in our group had suggested ideas about me to the others that were either truth mixed with falsehood or false altogether.

The reason for the quiet was not busyness, but purposeful distancing.

The story of Lucifer and his downfall reads similarly. It started simply as expressing his idea of ways to do things better. Gradually it became innuendo, then criticism, then outright falsehood. In the end, all heaven was in an uproar, eventually leading to Lucifer’s removal, along with a third of the angels.

To say that my experience was painful is a bit of an understatement. I think what hurt most was that this group who had worked with me for a long time knew what was being said didn’t fit what they knew about me but doubted just the same. When it was finally all revealed, one by one the members profusely apologized, saying, “We didn’t think it was true, but . . .”

In my situation good, honest people had doubts when someone thought to be trusted whispered what sounded like truth but was, in actuality, far from it. What is harder to believe, is that this same thing happened in heaven, but about God. That heaven could be torn apart by accusation and lies seems impossible, and yet it was.

Focusing on Satan and his schemes will never bring encouragement. He only peddles despair, disruption, and discouragement. But if we lift our sights in this from Lucifer to God, we recognize what we will always find—love. How long the conflict lasted, we do not know. We know it moved from heaven to earth. What did not change from then to now is the supreme love God has for His creation, whether angels or people. Love, so strong that to save us, He sent His Son to die so we can experience eternity with Him. And when this is our focus, we are renewed. 

Digging Deeper 

When we think of heaven, we think happy thoughts. We like the idea of visiting other worlds, riding giraffes, wearing crowns, and on it goes. But further study reveals there may be another dimension we need to consider.

“Good angels weep to hear the words of Satan, and to see how he despises to follow the direction of Christ, their exalted and loving commander” (Spiritual Gifts, vol. 3, p. 37). Weep? Weeping suggests overwhelming sadness, an element that doesn’t match our idea of heaven, does it?
It is said that angels cannot identify with the human experience because they have not known sin or the salvation we count so precious. Certainly, the full expression of this is true. But angels do understand betrayal. They know hurt. They know the complete and overwhelming sadness that comes when someone you know and love, suddenly and unexpectedly turns against all they’ve ever believed. Loss. Disappointment. Unfaithfulness. Not quite the angel experience we might imagine.

Heaven is a happy place. It cannot be anything less, because the presence of God is there along with Jesus, our Redeemer, Creator, and Friend. But happiness does not mean there will never be sadness or weeping because of sin—sin that started in heaven and extended to this world. Weeping is not just an earthly experience, it’s a heavenly one, too. But in the midst of sadness, no matter the cause, we can still do what the angels did. Go to Jesus. Bask in the presence of your heavenly Father. Sing a song of praise. Then one day, our tears like theirs, will be dried by the hand of God Himself as we look forward to an eternity of happiness in heaven.

Making it Real

  1. Have you ever had someone betray you? Disappoint you? Cause you hurt? How did you handle it? How does having a loving Savior to turn to make a difference?
  2. Is there a hurt you need to turn over to Jesus? Take a step in that direction today.

Respond & Share

We learn in this week’s lesson that angels wept as heaven was torn apart by Lucifer and the angels that followed him. What do you do when confronted by sin or sinful behavior? Share your thoughts below.



Merle Poirier writes from Silver Spring, Maryland, where she works as the operation manager for Adventist Review and Adventist World magazines as well as the designer for KidsView, a magazine for 8-12-year-olds. She enjoys spending time with her family including being the grandmother of two active little boys, who greatly enjoy Starting With Jesus.


Coming next week:

Based on Genesis 1:1
Genesis 1:1-23; Psalm 33:6-9; John 1:1-3


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