Welcome to Katie’s Korner! I will post different tidbits, behind the scenes, bloopers, announcements, and even some past audio segments so you can easily find and listen to them! This is also where you can communicate with me and respond to questions that I can use in future podcasts!




A daily devotional Podcast geared for KIDS! Listen to stories, read the Bible, sing along to famous hymns hymns and learn weekly memory verse songs. Discover more about Jesus and how He wants to be YOUR best friend!

What’s Happening


Sunday, May 1, 2022 at 8pm EST we will be having an online get together where you can hear some exciting news about the podcast, meet the team, discover where our listeners are listening from,  and ask questions!

But most of all we want YOUR feedback and YOUR ideas for upcoming programming. If there are some suggestions that you would like to share, we would love to see if we can incorporate those ideas, from our listeners, into the podcast!

If you would like to join, email me at seedpod@startingwithjesus.com and I can get you the information for logging in! 


We are preparing for the 3rd quarter Bible Q&A with Pastor Jonathan. We recorded our first week’s worth of Bible questions, but we are going to need more!!!  

If you want us to answer your child’s question from the Bible, email me your Bible question at seedpod@startingwithjesus.com and with your child’s name/age/where you live??? And I can let you know when that question with air on our program!!!


This quarter we have started a prayer journal! If your child has been using the prayer journal and you/they would like to share their pictures, drawings, or Bible verses with me, please email the picture to me at seedpod@startingwithjesus.com .

Don’t forget we have the outline of all the Bible verses we are covering this quarter as a PDF download so you can use it throughout your day.


I have officially started recording quarter 4 of the podcast! It’s SO much harder to record in the spring and summer because I just want to be OUTSIDE!!! But I usually record 3 days worth of the devotional at one time (which usually takes about 45 minutes) so I can still get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather!

If your children would like to participate in the Bible readings (we ask that they be confident readers – even in Spanish), email me at seedpod@startingwithjesus.com so we can get you those verses. You don’t need to have fancy equipment, just a nice smart phone will work fine! 

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