Meet Miss Katie!

Miss Katie is a pastor/missionary wife and the mother of two energetic sons! She loves to go camping, off-roading, and exploring the great outdoors with her family. She also enjoys vlogging about their adventures on the Navajo nation. But most of all, she loves to share Jesus’ love with everyone she meets.

What’s Happening

Reflect & Renew Podcast

We raised the money and have started releasing a weekly podcast for adults! Not only do we review the lesson from an adult perspective, but we also hear from other parents just like yourselves, share their own experiences. Check it out!


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New Editors

We have some new teen editors for the SeedPod Kids Podcast! Dillon is still my right-hand person! He has also started helping to create graphics and more behind the scenes stuff to make my life easier. Elijah A. is our new editor for the devotional. He takes out my mistakes and adds in the edited Bible verses that kids send in. Elijah C. Is the newest member of the team. He edits all the Bible verses that kids send in so they are ready to be added to the podcast. It takes an incredible team of editors to make this program happen!

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