Renew | Staying With Jesus

Renew is a weekly adult devotional that corresponds with the theme of the children’s Sabbath School program and SeedPod daily devotional podcast.

Credit: Merle Poirier

SeedPod | Children's Devotional Podcast

These daily and weekly podcasts provide a program so children can begin to form the habit of spending daily time with Jesus. In each program there are songs, memory verses, stories, and more. There are also coloring pages that correspond with each lesson.

Credit: Katie Chitwood, Ashley Larson

Juniors For Jesus

This program is geared for older children to help them have a special daily time with Jesus. They will be able to listen to the weekly Junior My Bible First Sabbath School Lesson. There are also coloring pages and activities that they can participate in.

Credit: Rachel Nelson

Explore the Future

This program is a full prophecy seminar geared for kids. It goes through Daniel and Revelation and helps kids understand what the future holds and what God has to tell us about our lives.

Credit: Rachel Nelson


Each year Starting With Jesus produces a full participatory VBS program for kids.

Story Time

Cuddle up with a blanket and enjoy listening to various stories from around the world.

Christmas Programs

Each December, Starting With Jesus produces a program for children to listen to or watch to remind them of Jesus’ love for us when He came as a Baby to this world.

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