Starting With Jesus is a ministry focused on helping children to develop a daily relationship with Jesus from a very early age. Our devotional podcasts can be used for personal devotions or family worships. Our weekly lesson and mission story can be used by churches or families for a home worship experience. We also have prophecy seminars and vacation Bible schools. Our one goal is to help children fall in love with Jesus. Starting with Jesus is meant to bring children to Jesus so they not only start with Him, but they finish with Him, too.

Our Story

Starting With Jesus (formally “A Place to Do Something”) began during the COVID lockdown of 2020 when many children all over the world were stuck at home without a Sabbath School experience or anything special to do on Sabbath. Our team was impressed that we needed to start an online Sabbath School experience for kids and we needed to get it up as soon as possible. So after much prayer, we worked as quickly as possible to produce an online Sabbath School experience for kids.

By the first Sabbath of lockdown, we had a website, video, music, craft, and a coloring page up and ready. Within the first week we had over 2,000 views. Kids were watching from all over the world, participating in as close to a regular Sabbath school experience as possible.

What we initially planned to be a short term Sabbath school program has turned into a full-time ministry. In addition to our weekly Sabbath School videos, we have daily devotional podcasts for kids from birth to juniors, a weekly adult devotional, VBS programs, coloring pages, and more.

The Executive Team

Ruthie Reeves, M.S. CCC-SLP
Sabbath School Producer/Host

Ruthie Reeves is a pastor’s wife, mother, and Speech-Language Pathologist. She has been working with children’s ministries since she was a teenager and loves to help kids get to know their best friend Jesus.


Sabbath School Team

Amanda Hasty

Activities Coordinator

Carol Davidson

Music Coordinator

Gloria Rodriguez

Sharing Time Coordinator

Justin Ross

Video Editor

Megan Warren

Craft Time Coordinator

Velma Collings


Michelle Coy
Vice President, Treasurer
Bible Story Teacher

Michelle Coy loves reading with her little boy, going for walks with her family, and telling stories to students. She believes the Bible is the best story book around and she can’t wait to experience the sacred Word with all of you!

Dr. Kristy Hall, PhD, MSN, RN

Although trained as a nurse practitioner, Kristy’s primary roles are wife and mother. She has twin boys and a singleton girl to keep her more than busy! With a passion to see children committed to a lifelong relationship with Jesus, she works in a variety of roles both at Starting With Jesus and in her local church. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, hiking, biking, and boating with her family in the mountains near their home or further afield when time allows.

Dr. Rachel Nelson, M.D.
Board Chair

Rachel joined the team soon after it started and assists with music and project coordination. She is passionate about seeing children give their lives to Jesus and engage in active service for Him.
Rachel is a part-time pediatrician and in her occasional free time she enjoys backpacking and kayaking.

Team Members

Merle Poirier

Parents Devotional Material

Ellen Musselmann

Parents Devotional Material

Sherry Boettcher

Explore the Future Crafts

Tina Arnall

Explore the Future Bible Story Teller

Milca Rojas

Explore the Future Object Lessons

Juniors for Jesus Audio Editor

Katie Chitwood
Podcast Coordinator

Katie Chitwood is a pastor/missionary wife. She has two rambunctious boys and two rescue dogs. Her family loves camping, off-roading, and exploring the great outdoors. She has taught kids’ Sabbath School classes for years as well as co-led Kindergarten at camp meeting. She enjoys vlogging about their adventures on the Navajo nation and homeschooling her boys.

Podcast Team

Ashley Larson

SeedPod Beginners

Dillon Austin

Podcast Editor

Elijah Austin

Podcast Editor


Renew Podcast Editor

Melissa Binus
Starting With Jesus Español

Melissa Binus is the mother of three children. She loves going camping and spending time in nature; praising God with music; cooking tasty and healthy food; and starting the day with Jesus in prayer by learning from the beautiful stories in the Bible.


Español Team

Heidi Ordaz

Music Coordinator

Adriel Sand

Podcast Editor

Ronaldo Godoy

Podcast Editor


Starting With Jesus is a branch of AudioVerse. AudioVerse’s goal is “to hasten the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ by making high quality Bible-based and Christ-centered media available to the whole world.”

For more information go to: https://audioverse.org

My Bible First has graciously allowed us to use their lessons and other resources in our programs. My Bible First provides Biblical, character-building resources for families and churches.

For more information and to find out how to access the lessons that correspond with our programs, go to their website at: https://mybiblefirst.org


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