Make It

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You Need:

    • Recipe for cracker or bread without
    • A bowl
    • Ingredients the recipe calls for
    • a pan or cookie sheet
    • a spoon or whisk


Ask an adult to help you and make a cracker or bread that does not have yeast. Follow the directions in your recipe.

Do It


Foot washing was a custom at Jesus time, people walked everywhere and wore sandals so their feet were dusty and dirty. Foot washing was not a part of Passover but Jesus made it a part of the ceremony he gave his disciples to remember that the reason he came and died was to wash our sins away. Each part of the ceremony represents a way that Jesus washes us from sin. Find a container you can put water in and a towel and find someone who is willing to have you wash their feet and in turn wash yours, talk about how Jesus wants to wash away our sins.

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