Memory Verse Activity Worksheets

Year A – Quarter 1

L1 – Our Wonderful God

L2 – Lucifer’s Sad Choice

L3 – God’s Beautiful Creation

L4 – God’s Creation Finished

L5 – God Gives a Very Special Gift

L6 – A Very Sad Day

L7 – Two Brothers Choose

L8 – Noah Builds an Ark

L9 – God’s Promise in the Sky

L10 – Foolish Builders

L11 – Selfishness Never Pays

L12 – Angels Rescue Lot

L13 – Abraham & Isaac Trust God

Year A – Quarter 2

L14 – A Bride for Isaac

L15 – Twins That Weren’t Alike

L16 – Jacob’s New Name

L17 – Family Problems

L18 – Fathfulness Rewarded

L19 – God Prepares a Deliverer

L20 – God Shows His Power

L20 – Free at Last

L21 – God’s Promises at Marah

L22 – Food From Heaven

L23 – Water From a Rock

L24 – God Speaks His Law

L25 – How We Love God

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