On Guard!
Knight & Day

Have you ever wished you could be a knight protecting the city or maybe a prince or princess?

Maybe you’ve wished you go back in time to when people lived in castles with motes and strong gates that protected the city from attack.

Did you know that you already live in a castle with strong gates that need to be protected?

This summer we are going to be learning about each one of our gates and how to keep the enemy out of our castle.

Date: June 20-25, 2021

How to Get Involved:

  1. Before sending any pictures/videos, make sure to download and fill out our consent form, then send it along with the video/picture. DOWNLOAD HERE
  2. Send a video of you saying your favorite memory verse (you can dress up as a knight or princess!)
  3. Create and take a video/picture of your favorite part of the armor of God.
  4. Send us a lesson that you have found in a castle.
  5. Set up your room like a castle and watch the program while you’re sitting in your castle. (Send us a picture/video of your set up!)
  6. Make a castle out of blocks, legos, paper, clay, or whatever you have available to you and send us a picture or video.
  7. Invite a friend to watch the program with you!
  8. Play along during the daily activities and download and make the crafts.
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