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Unfortunately, there will be no coloring pages for the foreseeable future. But we hope to have them again soon.

Our episode today is a reminder that all of us have an important and special job to do for Jesus! One of those jobs that we will learn about is from Miss Fauna, who is a missionary! Miss Amanda will also be sharing how important each ingredient is when you are making special treats!

Next week’s Memory Verse: “Be faithful until death, and
I will give you the crown of life.” Revelation 2:10

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This video corresponds with My Bible First Kindergarten and Primary Lesson 35 Year C, Quarter 3 – Seven Special Helpers


My Bible First ( for use of their Bible Lesson curriculum.
AudioVerse ( for partnering with us and supporting our ministry.
Lindsey Mills for writing and performing our Starting With Jesus Theme Song & Background Music

Thanks to The Starting with Jesus Video Team:
Ruthie Reeves – Program Coordinator & Video Editor
Michelle Coy – Bible Story
Gloria Rodriguez – Sharing Time Coordinator
Amanda Hasty – Activity Time Coordinator
Lindsey Mills – Secretary & Musical Contributor
Sarah Canada – Music Contributor
Rachel Nelson – Content Contributor
Katie Chitwood – Content Contributor

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